This year's theme: love

Glowing Jen after FLEX

It's a couple of days late, but here's my theme for 2008. I've summed it up into one simple, not so surprising word: love.

So I will do all things with love, both work and play.

First of, I will love myself. I don't mean I will just be all feel-goody about myself, I mean I will put myself on top of the list, so I can better share myself with others, as a (future) lover, friend, family member, and writer.

I will follow my favorite saint, Therese of Lisieux, and perform little acts of love and kindness. Perhaps big things or big projects aren't for me just yet--but nothing is really big or small, if done with love. 
My first official act of love for the year: I am supporting Louie support our beautiful, beautiful friend Jenny move on to ALC after graduating from FLEX with flying colors. (We're still raising funds; if you want to help, message me!)

I will do all things with love, from the smallest to the biggest. This way, to borrow a term from my classmate Razel, I will be able to create my own beautiful space.
I will inspire love in others, by being an example of it myself. Tall order, because loving isn't always easy, even if it's always right.

And so, to 2008, with love!

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