Where April went

Is it May already? Wow. I've been struggling to get right back on schedule since I got back from my March vacation--which totally threw everything off track--but April, oh, April was beautiful because one of my best friends, Ruth, was back in the country for a three-week vacation from her "new" life in Toronto, Canada.

Sherwil, me, Ruth, Emily. We all lack sleep.

For a couple of days, we were a foursome again.

It was also around this time of the year that Ruth left five years ago. It was a year of letting go for me. My dad also died that year. Seeing her back sort of brought me back to the girl I was for a while, but it only highlighted the fact that I'm so different now.

In fact, we're all so different now. In a really nice way. :)

More pictures here.

Where April also went

I have three jobs now, sort of. I'm an English trainer, a columnist for the regional newspaper The Freeman, and, since March 1, a copy editor for The Philippine Star's Inbox World section. The last of which takes up some of what used to be my idle, thus, blogging time. So that's also why I haven't been blogging much.

But I've finally had time to breathe (thanks to Labor Day) and organize my schedule, and so, this blogger's back!