Copyeditor Chronicles: Chuckling

I also enjoy my other job, in which I edit text messages people from all over the country send. Sometimes, I uncover gems that have me smiling all day too. :)

This one's
already slightly edited.
As for my twilight years, it’s still a toss-up whether I will wake up to the chuckling of chickens or the honking of cars!


  1. haha! why do you need to edit other people's text messages for?

  2. It's for a newspaper's comments section.

  3. Oh I thought they were more of "private" messages... That should be fun!

  4. Aba ang bongga... Parang ang sarap magedit ng text messages ah. ;P

  5. syet. parang okay na raket yan a. baka sakaling kailangan pa nila ng taga-edit... ahem. :D


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