Friends, family, and Avenue Q

Can it get any better than this?

I had an amazing weekend, if I may say so myself. It felt like one of those MFA Saturdays all over again. I met up with Jenny, Louie, and Michelle to watch Avenue Q--and we bumbed into Razel in Starbucks at the third floor of RCBC Plaza, who'd watched the 2pm show. I have pictures (of us; sadly, no Avenue Q pictures), and I'll get around to posting them someday.

I also bumped into some people at RCBC. One of them, Patrick, was a freshman year classmate. I actually subscribe to his blog, and while we haven't really seen each other in years I felt like we'd been in touch, so I think I was a little bit too familiar. I think I blinked and said, "Oh my God, long hair ka na!" Hahaha.

Has that ever happened to you?

I also saw my LEAP 32 teammate Haids. And the guy my mom buys her discounted Atlantis tickets from (duh!).

Louie had to leave, so the two other girls and I had dinner together at Greenbelt. We had corned beef sinigang and crisy pata at Sentro. Heaven.

Sunday, I spent time with family. My mom, two brothers and I met up at Southmall, and somehow ended up having dinner at Alabang Town Center. We watched the last full show of The Happening.

The entire time, my mom kept saying, "This is like a Filipino film." And she doesn't watch Filipino films. Poor M. Night Shyamalan. The Sixth Sense was so good, it would be difficult to come up with another hit like that. I'll still give you a chance, baby.

We had a funny dinner, because the girl just Nena's Barbecue (I'm not sure if I got the name right), where we decided to eat, kept trying to sell us this Father's Day mug, telling us that if we bought a mais con yelo, which nobody in my family eats, we'd get the mug for free. My brother finally said, "Our dad's there already." and he sort of pointed to the St. Jerome and Sta. Susanna Parish Church, where my father's ashes are interred. :P

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!