Dear Universe/God:

Thank for the lovely surprises of the past days.

1. Saturday's flowing open bar at Sophie's Garden with my colleagues, where I had my first taste of Tequila Rose.

Picture from Marchie's camera.

2. My initiation into SEx--Sinangag Express, that is.

Picture from Marchie's camera.

3. Sunday birthday snacks for Dr. Bau, with lots of sugar-free goodies. I have pictures... to follow!

4. Monday's relaxing sked.
5. A learner's funny Facebook message.
6. The baked tahong Marchie gave me today. I'd been craving for it for days!
7. The small piece of Romana peanut brittle I got from Joanna. I know it's mostly sugar and peanuts, but I only got I small piece. :)

I have a request. I'm craving for really good Cebu lechon again. Just a small bit, for what's left of my suka pinakurat. Please.