English Trainer Chronicles: Birds and (the) Bess

Two amusing stories today, one from Evreux and another from Douarnenez.

Evreux (in Normandy)

My learner told me about the bridal shower and stag party they planned for her fiance's brother and his bride-to-be. The girl had to wear a cow costume and sell marshmallows. If she met someone with the same name as her groom-to-be, she'd be required to kiss him on the cheek. The cow costume was made up of a top en dentelle (lace) and a soutien-gorge (bra).

The groom, in turn, had to dress up as a rabbit (once described by another student who was telling me about the rabbit stew she ate as "a very cute animal") and run around in it at a rond-point (roundabout). One motorist called out, "Don't do it!"

What I would have given to have been there! :D

New French words for me! :D She said this originated from the north of France. I'd have to ask another student about this, but he's on vacation. :P

Meanwhile, in Douarnenez

Seagulls are protected there; if you destroy a nest you could get fined. During the lesson, the seagulls started making a lot of noise, and my learner apologized, and we got to talking about how the seagulls could be pests sometimes.

Me: Do they make a mess?
Him: What mess? I know mess, but which meaning?
Me: (Wondering if I should practice using what little French I know and say "Seagull merde.") Ahhh... um... you know, when they eat and then the food comes out...
Him: Oh, SHIT.

There was a cute line too. He was talking about his neighbor's roof, which had a nest on it. Apparently, seagull poop (yes, I taught him that word) is acidic, so it can put holes on the roof. He said he was watching the nest from his window, and then...

Him: The eggs let some little birds out. :)