N songs

You've probably seen this by now. You reply to this post, I'll assign you a letter, then you list five songs that begin with that letter.

Paul assigned me the letter N.

1. (The) Nearness of You - I first discovered (and fell in love with) this song in an ice cream commercial. Leave it to me to associate sexy with food. Now I associate it with that scene in that Hugh Grant-Sandra Bullock film, Two Weeks Notice, where Nora Jones has a cameo singing her own version.

2. Never-ending Story by Limahl, lead singer of Kajagoogoo(!). - I love this song because it stirs up giddy magical feelings from the first movie I ever saw on Betamax. I can still remember the exchange:

The Childlike Empress: Bastian. Why don't you do what you dream, Bastian?
Bastian: But I can't, I have to keep my feet on the ground!
The Childlike Empress: Call my name. Bastian, please! Save us!
Bastian: All right! I'll do it! I'll save you! I will do what I dream!
[Climbs to the window and yells out in the storm]
Bastian: MOON CHILD!
3. Never My Love by the Association - I love the lyrics; used to imagine singing it for someone.

4. New Age Girl by Deadeye Dick (whatever happened to them?) - Funny New Age girl's name (Mary Moon!), long words (transcendental, septuagenarian), and "she sure like the bone!" ;) I think this was one of the songs that made me think, hey, I'm weird but I can be cool. Only it doesn't seem so cool anymore now that I'm 30.

5. No Day But Today by the cast of Rent. - It strangely reminds me of my UP Quill/Loafer days. It also captures my LEAP 32 "The Power of Now" journey.

There's only us.
There's only this.
Forget regret.
Or life is yours to miss.


  1. hehehe cge lemme try Althea... i wonder what letter I'd be assigned to :p and, i am already wonderin.... why that letter :p hahaha

  2. WAH!!! I LOVE IT!! High five on this one!!!

  3. hihi i remember Sandra's wonderful costume.. the beautiful, black gown and the nose...:p

  4. Did you like the sequel? I had and still have a big crush on Barret Oliver. I didn't like Jonathan Brandis (RIP).

  5. I did not bother watching the sequel because I didn't want to ruin it. LOL I read an article in People Magazine last weekend about child stars. Barret Oliver was one of them. Still hot!!

  6. matagal ko na ring di napapanood yng Never-Ending Story. bought the book by Michael Ende, though. would want to watch again just to compare the two. i liked the stone people best. :p

  7. Where was the stone baby? Was it in 1?

  8. i really can't remember anymore. i think it's in two and three. kase parang yung sa 1 nagkakilala pa lang sina bastian at ang stone guy. but i'm not so sure. hehehe. :p

  9. hey althea... :) it was in the 2nd one ;) :p hehehe loved

  10. So that's why, despite not liking Jonathan Brandis, I didn't think 2 was such a waste of time. :P

  11. Jonathan Brandis is dead?! Hmm...I'd like to try this, but I'm hopelessly backlogged with emails. Haha!

  12. Yup! Suicide. At 27. :( Check here: http://www.usatoday.com/life/2003-11-21-brandis-obit_x.htm.
    Sige, kapag gagawin mo, I'll give you the letter K. :D


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