Leaving for a vacation

One other reason I love my job is that, while we Filipinos are not really blessed with 35-hour workweeks and long vacations like the French workers, I get to reap some benefits from this enviable perk. This is my second August teaching English to Europeans and, once again, we're getting a lot of free time this month as most of the learners are on summer vacation. I've decided to take a week and two days off to go to Cebu and Bohol.

Last year, I worked all throughout August. I wasn't one to take vacation leaves (maybe this is because my longest job was with a major daily, where we ate deadlines for breakfast), and I was only able to really indulge early this year for my first trip out of the country. As I said, I was bitten by the travel bug. No more homebody me. :)

I'm going with my sister's family (actually, they're going with me, as I was the one who invited them), and I'm excited to be taking Keona along. We've got a packed itinerary (we're visiting relatives in Cebu, going to my father's hometown, eating the must-eat foods...) and I'm hoping for nice unexpected adventures too. I'm praying for good weather. White light!

In the meantime, I still have some work and shopping to do. I'm also going to start a sort of creative non-fiction blog. And prepare to paint my room. :)

Lotsa work.