English Trainer Chronicles: Ring and then some

I haven't posted any of these lately. It's not like I haven't been getting any funny, cute, memorable moments; I just got addicted to Plurking, so I sort of neglected blogging for a while.

But I had some funny exchanges today, courtesy of my most quotable learner.

Act 1: Saved by the bell

I'd been having trouble with the phone, and I wasn't sure my call was getting through.

Me: Did the you hear the phone ring?
Learner: Yes, it belled for only one second.
Me: Belled? Do you say "belled" for a phone?
Learner: Yes. No. Yes... (He'd figured out the correct answer by now.)
Me: Yes?
Learner: In France, we have giant bells on our phones ...
Me: Sure, maybe in the sixties?
Learner: You are calling the sixties ...

Act 2: Take that!

Me: So, using discourse markers for "logical consequence," tell me how you got into IT.
Learner: I was so passionate about computers, so I really wanted to take in IT.
Me: Um, that's a little bit too passionate. When you "take in" something, you sort of put it inside you.
Learner: Yes! I eat my keyboard!