Well, hello, October!

So far this month, I've been:

1. A spa-goer. I made a last-minute decision to join officemates Donna and Marchie in the wee hours of Saturday to indulge in a two-hour massage and a buffet brunch at Wensha in the CCP area. I slept for like around five hours too.
2. A theater-goer again. Tanghalang Pilipino's Actor's Company in LAB was a blast. It was so worth the P100 I paid for it. I loved The Lover best, because of how it played with language.
3. An opera-goer. La boheme was a treat. It wasn't love at first sight, like with musicals, but a student told me to start with Verdi as Puccini is a bit difficult for the uninitiated. I don't know; I have a lot to learn. I'll find out, via YouTube. :P
4. A person who doesn't eat red meat. (21 days does a habit make!)
5. A person who doesn't eat fast food. (My October habit, which I will blog more about ASAP.)
6. A one-day pilgrim to the St. Therese Shrine.
7. And, perhaps, a baby gourmand. ;-)

That's just for the first week. Next Saturday, I get to watch West Side Story for free! :-)

Yes, I'm blessed.

This month, too, I am:

1. Very, very busy. I'm working two hours extra everyday for Christmas money.
2. Looking to buy a new cellphone.
3. Turning 31.