1990s, for a night

I took half a day off yesterday to attend Aldus Santos' book launch for Repeat While Fading at SaGuijo.

Half day, for me, actually meant half the PM off, as my last lesson ended at 7.40pm. I met Jenny at Magallanes at 8:30pm and following tips from nice people over there at Plurk, we found our way.

(To those who want to know how to commute to SaGuijo, this is what we did: We met at the southbound side of Magallanes, walked to the corner, took a PRC jeep to Bagtikan, got off, walked to Guijo St., and followed the music.)

It was nice to be out on a weekday night again. It was also nice to be around people from college. I've been missing UP lately (finally!), or maybe I've been missing who I was back then.

Whatever--I went on a serious senti trip when I watched True Faith perform, and when, upon the urging of Paul and Lorie's friend Joy, we had three of the former Eraserheads (unfortunately, Buddy wasn't around) and Medwin Marfil sign Aldus' book.

At some point, I felt very much like my "uncool" 17-year-old-self again, but I went all out and asked Bobby Balingit and Repeat While Fading editor, dearest Paul Catiang, to sign my copy too.

On a semi-related note, I am seriously thinking about going back to UP for some writing classes.

But first, my DLSU thesis.