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Happy 2009!

But first, my gosh, I have ignored this blog for far too long! Work took me away to pretty dark places.


My long vacation was well-spent, in terms of family bonding and, er, family bonding. I also did something I never did before: paint my (love) bedroom!

The colors are (not a picture of a thousand sunsets) G-144 and H-144. I forget the fancy-schmancy names Davies Paints had for them, but G-144 is a cross between pink and lavender, while H-144 is, well, a cross between dark pink and violet.

Being a total newbie and utterly obsessive-compulsive about this, I'm not yet done. I have yet to even touch my work area, which I will paint with the Sun & Roof shade of Nile Green.

I have some goals again for this year. I'm still thinking them over, but I'll be writing about them soon.

I also have a new baby girl: a black Labrador half-breed from Sherwil. I named her Midnight, because she arrived while we were watching Mamma Mia! on DVD the day after Christmas!

It's actually short for "Gimme, Gimme a Man after Midnight."

I want to write some more, but work beckons, so back to regular programming--Life of a Thirty-something Working Girl, Scene 139,837,933,827,344.


  1. Cheers to a funtabulous 2009, indeed! :p wow... m so excited to see mamu Althea in action. a bLack Lab huh?! ask Sargee for tips ;-) anyhue... lookin forward to scenes 139,837,933,827,365 and 139,837,933,827,398... blog blog blog some more dear! :p

  2. Midnight for neutrality...:D Constantine character. Ive always seen you in Drew Barimore, but now with your room painting I remembered "50 first dates"...

  3. Err...would quitting Plurk be one of them? LOL

  4. (angry) hehe mandadamay pa ito oh! but yeah, plurk is starting to get annoying lately...

  5. (unsure) hey, admit it, you miss plurk! you can't resist the (banana)!

  6. That is no joke. I believe that to be true. Work had everyone doing strange and nocturnal things the past few months. haha Congrats on the new baby, Sherwil!

  7. whoa, the heart lady's into painting now, weee! :-) here's to 2009, althea! :-)

  8. Oo! Grabe! It's both OC nightmare and OC hell!

  9. Re: Strange and nocturnal things, I think I was the only one doing that inside the office. LOL. My new baby is Midnight. She's already chewed through my laptop's power cord. Now I know it's love. :D

  10. Sana lang huwag niya ako patakbuhin. So far, I've just been paper-training Midnight. She did the No. 2 on Keona's boat!

  11. For English coaches, yes, (That means you teach English via blogging.)

  12. and chewed through your laptop's power cord... it must really be love, love, love...
    hey, at least you won't have to leave ur 2008's theme behind... kailangan mo yan for midnight. ;-) hehe

    about him makin u run... isipin mo na lang na nakkapag-exercise ka without having to pay thousands sa gym ;p

  13. I see. Very well, then. I will practice my perfect English grammar, so that it would meet your standards.


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