English Trainer Chronicles: Stick and Shearing

A double feature for today, from two of my funniest students.

1. Sheared

Me: What did you do last weekend?
Him: I went to the ... (checks translator) hairdresser.
Me: Oh, what did you have done?
Him: He ... (checks translator) sheared me.
Me: ???
Him: He sheared me.
Me: Oh. That's usually used for sheep.
Him: O-ka-aa-aa-ay.

2. Stick

Him: I'm trying to cut down on meat.
Me: Oh, that's great. So what did you have for lunch?
Him: Pasta and (checks translator) cauliflower.
Me: Wow... that's interesting. So, are you really avoiding meat?
Him: Yes, but I eat stick.
Me: Stick?
Him: Yes, stick.
Me: Are you sure it's stick?
Him: Um, steak?
Me: Oh! (Laughs) Do you know what "stick" is?
Him: (Laughs) Wait, let me check, let me check ... (Laughs out loud)