Hello, 2010!

Hello, 2010!

I'm spending more time in Libis now, than I am in Las Piñas. I'm spending more time on Twitter (well, ping.fm, actually) now, than on this blog.

But after giving microblogging a try, I've realized that blogging really isn't dead just yet. Microblogging is a conversation you have with others in real time; blogging is a dialogue you have with yourself after some reflection.

I love microblogging--I'd been waiting for this service since I started making my perenially Under Construction website on Geocities, which died last year, BTW--but my long-term relationship is with this blog.


So, how was 2009 for me?

It had more ups than downs, and I'm blessed to have lived through it and ended up with more than what I had at its beginning.

It sped by really fast, though, and most of the time, it was all about chasing deadlines.


So, what do I plan for 2010?

There's new responsibilities at work to look forward to. There's independent living. There's grad school to finish. Stories to have published. Contests to join. Articles to write. Old friends to get reacquainted with. New people to get to know better. True love to find. Deadlines to meet. Time to manage. Money to make. Gadgets to buy. Plays to watch. Places to visit.

The list is long and exciting.

The theme for 2009 was beauty. I tried to make (and do) beautiful things, and, if memories of 2009 are to be the basis, I succeeded.

The theme for 2010 is excitement.

And why should it be exciting?

The answer, in a poem.