Happy commuter, part deux

So, I found the morning City Link bus!

When I got home last night, I asked my niece's nanny about the City Link bus to Eastwood, and she sort of gave me instructions. Wrong ones. She told me to wait at the Market! Market! bus station where the Bonifacio Global City buses stop.

But while waiting for the bus last night, I did happen to ask one of the people there, and he told me to "go down the bridge to the housing area." In Tagalog, his exact instructions were, "Bumaba ka sa tulay galing Market! Market! papuntang housing."

I had no idea what he meant by "going down." I didn't even know about any bridge, much less any place "down." Lost in translation, word-wise and geography-wise, I suppose.

You know how places don't exist in your mind until you actually navigate through them? It was like that.

I decided to walk to the BGC bus stop, cross the road to the closest thing to a bridge I could see, and voila! I saw the stairs down to the C-5 highway. I had to wait 15 minutes, but there it was, the City Link bus to Eastwood. Twenty minutes later, I was at the office.

I like that the place I live during weekdays is now bigger to me. I have got to stop living in my bubble.