Thank you, 2010, and welcome, 2011

Thank you for the following:

family I love and who love me • Keona • my few, but trusted friends • my dogs, especially Tutay who still sleeps on my bed • puppies • my home • my second home in Taguig • LEAP 45 and the whole coaching journey • new netbook • financial abundance • new books • good health • critical incidents • a job that pushes me to grow • beautiful, loving officemates • writing opportunities • many firsts: writing a song, chopping a lechon, getting a new hairstyle • travel: Zambales, Calaguas, Malaysia, Singapore, Corregidor, Tagaytay several times • new friends • credit cards • new camera • love • money to pay the bills • emotional healing • forgiveness • new cellphone • 10 fun dates • surfing • circus • challenging people who are now out of my life and doing well, I hope • family I love and who love me

It was a blessed, blessed year.

2011, let's rock.