Dream: Dog Prime

Our house was being attacked by this demonic dog. We knew him to be Dog Prime, the first dog to ever exist. He carried a big pointy stick. After stalking our house and trying to get in through all the windows and failing, he threw the stick at a window pane and broke it. He was terrorizing us with his little antics.

Fed up, I opened the main door, ready to whip Dog Prime with my own stick. But after I poked him several times, he turned into this really cute and docile puppy (that looked a little like the Palawan anteater; still Dog Prime but no longer demonic). He rolled over and let me stroke his belly, and I was in love with the ancient little creature.

I was carrying Dog Prime when two men who introduced themselves as bill collectors of Globe Telecom came. They were men in uniform, quite tall and bulky. I can't recall why they came, but we had no business with them. Then one of them noticed Dog Prime and said he was cute. I let him carry Dog Prime -- and the bastard walked away with the puppy!

I ran after them, and said, "If you don't give him back, I will call the police." The man stopped, looked at me, and threw the puppy on the ground. Then he pulled out a gun and shot Dog Prime several times, as if saying, "If I can't have him, you can't too." Then they left.

I ran home, and when the coast was clear, I went back to pick up Dog Prime's body. Surprisingly, he was alive but weak, and none of the bullets had penetrated his body. He suffered from the fall though, and I woke up wondering if I should take the first dog to ever exist on Earth to the vet.