Whatsoever things are lovely

The title of this blog post comes from one of my favorite passages in the Bible. I think I've used it before in another post, but I'm using it again because the house is filled with flowers, orchids and lilies, and I'm really loving how beautiful they make the space. They inspire me to think of beautiful things, of a beautiful life.

Yesterday, my mother asked why newspapers always report bad news, and I found myself saying, "It's because the natural state of things is good and positive, and news is always about what's not normal." My mother said it was a nice way to think of things.

I spent a good time yesterday thinking of my own words, asking myself if that was what I really believed, and if it was the right way to think of things.

This morning, however, I took several pictures of the flowers and decided that it was how I wanted to think of things: Always to choose to see the beauty -- or what can be beautiful -- in life. To always be grateful.