Dream: I wrote a speech

I dreamed that I was invited to deliver an extemporaneous speech, and, after much initial reluctance, I did. It turned out that I had joined a contest and I won... and had to move on to the next round. I was totally terrified, but this time I decided to work on a speech, since I didn't know yet if we would be asked to deliver a prepared speech or an extemporaneous one.

I started writing a speech about how a trip abroad made me more nationalistic "because home is where the person I love lives." I wrote about how the awe I felt over the foreign country's sunset made me love my own country more because I remembered the people who lived there. And I wrote many other things, completing the speech in my dream--with editing and revisions, too.

It was done when I woke up, and my dream self was eager to deliver it. Of course, when I woke up, everything faded away.

Which reminds me, I once wrote an entire horror screenplay in a dream.