Do you think I could change it in a day?

This evening, while crossing the footbridge from Robinson's Galleria, I passed a blind busker. I wouldn't have stopped, but then I realized he was performing his stripped down version of this sad, beautiful love song that I hadn't heard in a while.

I used to listen to it every day, years ago, the last time I was in love. That was a sad story, unfortunately, and I would dwell on the following lines when listening to this song:

"Wishing that maybe
in a year or two
we could laugh
and let it all out"

I had the same wish, but I never got it. Instead, tonight, I got a blind busker on the ugly Robinson's Galleria footbridge, under the shaking Ortigas flyover, singing a song I now once again appreciate for its own sake, its old context having faded away.

I dropped a coin in the busker's box to thank him for the new memory.