Chatting with my GrabCar driver about the elections

I took a GrabCar to school today because I was running late. The driver was chatty, and when he found out I was from UP, he asked me who I'd vote for. He was also undecided, he said, about for whom to vote for president.

We had a long, enlightening discussion. We were both anti-Binay.

He listened intently as I told him what I had learned from a journalist about election-related trends (like how the religious groups only matter in close races or how Filipino voters have never voted candidates who'd already lost an earlier presidential bid into the presidency).

He asked interesting questions and contributed a lot of equally interesting details too, being up to date with issues. I was stoked to meet an enlightened voter. Then I asked him who he'd vote for VP.

"Cayetano," he said.

Curious, I asked him why.

"Because we have the same surname."

I could hear the pride in his voice, even when he said he there was no relation.