Something's been living in our bathroom?

A few weeks ago, I had breakfast with our cleaning lady Jane. She told me she had had a welt on her cheek, and she had consulted a folk healer about it.

The folk healer asked her if she had been cleaning a bathroom. "How did you know?" Jane asked.

"Because you got that from the bathroom you were cleaning. It was a kapre who did that to you."

Then the folk healer told her that the construction work going on in the land near our house, the land that would soon become yet another gated village, had razed some old trees. A kapre had lost his home and was now living in our bathroom.

The folk healer instructed Jane to leave an offering to the kapre in our bathroom, an offering of coins, candy and cigarettes.

But Jane remembered that I had told her a few months back about a talk I had attended featuring an exorcist priest, during which I learned that according to Catholic teaching, anything of the occult, including the tiniest ritual, even if supposedly done for the good, could open the door to more.

So she left the decision to me. I haven't done anything yet. I don't feel there's a kapre anywhere inside our house, that is if I knew what having a kapre around would feel like.