Dream: Real friends eat together

I dreamt that I had received a care package from a US-based relative filled with healthy-ish, but hard-to-find junk food products from the Philippines. You could order it online from anywhere in the world and send it to Filipinos.

I surveyed the contents of the box, picked out the vegan ones, and set aside the other products for sharing with my loved ones.

I thought of giving some to my best friends Sherwil and Em. For Sherwil, I set aside different foods with dark chocolate in them. For Em, I set aside barbecue chips and other sweets.

When the time came to share them, my friends and I, who were located in different places, traveled via what felt like astral projection to converge in one dimension.

I woke up because I was smiling too hard, completely amused that we had astral-projected only so we could be together ... to eat junk food.