I'm going back to the start

Maybe it's because I'm nearing a milestone birthday or maybe it's because it's the monsoon season, but I've once again been feeling the urge to clean up. We have only two seasons in the Philippines, wet from June to October and dry from November to May, and the coming of rain has always been my version of spring.

I've been doing the easiest purging: of my possessions. It's slow going because my attachment to things is tinged with a dash of anthromorphism (e.g., How can I send away my pens when they've been very loyal friends?) and most everything I have, even the -- especially the -- rattiest shirt I sleep in, sparks joy. But when I do manage to let go and find new homes for my most loved things, I welcome the change in the space and shift in the energy.

I may not be Kondo-ing, but I've always subscribed to the idea that space clearing is energy clearing. And I'm in an endless cycle of hoard and purge, define and edit, collect and curate, create and erase, my summer of discontent and the rain that washes it away. I like to imagine that it's because I was born in the sign of water and that's where I feel my best, and maybe the real reason is as dramatic as that but not about sailing on the bright clear water.

I've also begun some digital purging. I've deleted some accounts; made some private; stepped away, in a way, from others. I want to hear my voice again amidst all the noise.

Anyway, this is just to say that I've archived all my old posts so I can write again. Forgive me; it was a long time coming.