If it's a broken heart then face it

On the bus, I spot a tube man flailing around in front of a newly opened shop. It reminds me of my niece, who, as a toddler, was scared of one we saw at a gas station during a pit stop. It's just a dancing balloon, I told her, it's funny. But she was terrified and we stayed away.

Weeks later, she would come to me hugging my four-foot long tube pillow, waving it about. What are you doing, I would ask her, not remembering. Auntie Dat, she would say, all laughter and glee, it's a dancing balloon! 

I haven't had the best week at work and in my life. I want to stay away, scared, but now, thanks to this random memory, I'm embracing this dark cloud inside me and waving it about. 

Ask me what I'm doing so I can tell you this: It's just a broken heart; one day, it will be funny.