Dream: Barcelona

Last night, I dreamed that I was catching huge koi fish in an enormous but shallow pool shaped like Denmark. I don't even know what Denmark is shaped like, but I knew it was Denmark. 

The fish were biting, but in some parts of the pool the water was not enough for fish to swim in, so I waded farther inward and tried to catch some more. In a deeper portion of the pool, I caught a giant goldfish but pulled out the bait (also a fish) and threw it back, like the others, I presume, since I kept catching fish but I wasn't carrying any. 

Then I had to go to with family to Barcelona, where we stayed in an old house lent to us by a distant relative. The house was empty except for some supplies left in the cupboard. 

We had our helper Jane with us, and for the most part of the trip, the two of us stayed in the house. I was content with it, being inside a house in Barcelona, and discovering the house's little spots of personality. 

It wasn't a beautiful house; it wasn't interesting even. But I kept finding traces of the people who had lived in it and that fascinated me. 

A few days before the end of our trip, I found bottles stashed in the upper shelf of a cupboard. One was a European version of toyomansi. Another was filled with figs and olive oil. 

Jane was cleaning up when I found those bottles. I had needed to stand on a chair to reach them, and she told me to be careful because the seat was broken. I looked down and saw part of the seat wedged beneath a small and rusty LPG tank. 

That was when we noticed that parts of the kitchen were splattered with old oil stains. Jane wondered if she should clean them, and I said she could, but she didn't have to, since they had been there before we arrived. But she wanted to and she rolled up her sleeves.

I felt bad because she hadn't been outside the house at all. She hadn't seen what was there to see in Barcelona. Then I realized I hadn't been outside at all! And I had a dear friend in Barcelona who didn't know I was there. And we were about to go home!

I messaged my friend on Whatsapp. He said he was staying in this little cottage owned by a language school. He was teaching Spanish to engineering students and engineers. The school was also looking for English teachers, he said. Did I want to stay longer to have a proper vacation?

I woke up happier than I'd been in the past few days.