It's been slow, but I have been moving

I finally opened my personal laptop today and was reminded of this blog. So: hello.

I'm in the market for a new laptop because the one I have is already excruciatingly slow. But the process of buying a new gadget if you have little technical knowledge and limited funds can also be a pain that I find myself avoiding.

Anyway. A lot has happened since my last post. A lot of heartbreak and disappointment, but also a lot of things I am grateful for. It's been slow, but I have been moving.

Since the end of January, I've been focused on doing well in my new job. But in July I decided that I was slipping back to my old habit of making work the center of my life so I decided to do a little decoupling and recoupling. 

As each day passes, I am increasingly aware of how short life is and how limited my time is. I want to spend my time on beautiful things and I can do that at work, thank God, but I can do that even more in my life outside of it.

So that is what I will dedicate August to, rearranging my life into one that I find beautiful.